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Leaving NOX

Postby Zeratulx » Thu Nov 22, 2012 11:02 am

After some serious consideration I'm going to be leaving the guild. This is not the type of guild I want to be a part of. Their focus appears to be pve and I could care less for it. Yes, I've done my share of PVE to get the skins that I want, there's nothing wrong with that. Hell there's more skins that I want but ALL these guys do is pve. All I see in guild chat is lfg this instance, I rarely see lfg WvW. There's also an issue where we have 10+ people on in game and 0 in vent. This appears to be due to the fact that two people in the guild, a rl couple: Delamer and Phuryous run their own vent so many of the people have started to login over there because these two cunts feel they didn't have enough vent privileges on Rhalisters vent. They didn't post the info in guild chat for others to join. We have our guild info listed in the GMOTD but no one is ever there anymore.

Honestly I'm just over this guild and I'm thinking of moving servers to one of the T1 servers. I play this game for WvW and IOJ has fallen off. Yes there's still WvW on the server but to deny that the server is in a downward spiral of mediocrity. I don't mind staying here but if we want really good WvW I think it's to be found elsewhere. I know Jason said we could join up with TL but Chris seems to have some apprehensions about that due to their attendance requirements. What are your thoughts?
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Postby Twystyd » Thu Nov 22, 2012 6:39 pm

Ok a few things to comment on. I'm pretty sure Rob is the only reason any of us are in NoX atm so I assume we are all bailing the NoX tag?

TL does not have attendance requirements for "community members." That being said I'm wishy washy about TL to be honest. I can go into more detail about TL in vent. Speaking of vent we can still use IHOP vent I assume. One thing about running with TL is the zerging gets old pretty fast and I'm afraid that's how all T1 WvW is going to be. Scott and I were out everyday at T1 and it was tough to find small groups from either JQ, SoS or SBI.
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Postby Sirion » Fri Nov 23, 2012 1:19 pm

I'm not super interested in T1 tbh, I think that a better place to go would be down servers, where not everything is zergy at all times. T2 can be reasonable with good action sometimes, but on Wednesday when we were out there, we couldn't NOT get hit with a zerg no matter where we went. In T1 that's going to be worse, the queues are going to be worse, and the server community will probably be worse.

I've had a deal of fun fighting against SoR and BG this week, and I'm sure if IoJ hasn't fallen too far in points we will be fighting them again next week, but if we do drop to t3, we should stick it out for a week to see how much fun we can have in our own fashion while doing WvW.

I offer up this advice for all of us, especially coming from the dominant Mid/Merlin and playing in a zerg guild there with a zerg alliance that did the vast majority of its fighting in keep warfare and shit: we don't like this style of play in the long term (and most of us never did, which is why we always ended up in FS in 2mans or on stealthers at the APK in Emain), DAoC offered alternatives for people who played stealthers or for people who wanted to go to frontiers outside of Emain Macha or who liked to camp in Darkness Falls, GW2 does not. If you land on a zergy server, all you will fight will be zergs. For every 20 minute video of someone doing 5-10 good 1v1 or 1v2-3 fights in the EBG or a borderland on those servers, there are hours upon hours of them getting steamrolled by a zerg or having to run away from fights because a zerg showed up inconveniently. We saw this exact thing when SoS was in our bracket, and we see the exact same thing with SoR and BG when they are out in force (which happens to be during our prime playtime).

The only place we will be able to go with a small force like ours and do anything influential in WvW will be on a smaller server, or on a larger server that actually utilizes harassment units. Now, to be honest, we contribute very little on average to the large scale WvW game outside of minor harassment. If we want to continue being the gankers and an occasional harassment group and continue to not contribute very much to WvW, then we are better off going down server ranks rather than up server ranks. If we decide that we want to start being effective harassment units and work with the commanders on the map and try to be an effective force that contributes to the overall goal of pulling our server up (which is exactly the type of thing that IoJ needs) then we are perfectly fine where we are. People like us don't contribute shit to the overall WvW game because we don't communicate with the larger organized structure that is trying to tactically take the map back. IoJ seems to have an abundance of people like us, which is one reason why we dropped from the fifth ranked server to what is looking to be the seventh ranked server.

I am down for leaving NoX when I'm in WvW though, I've already thought about unflagging the guild tag and just letting people in NoX know that if they want to WvW they can look me up, but I won't be repping a guild that doesn't WvW in WvW just to get them influence that they can use for PvE shit.
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